Report from the sandbox

The Report from the sandbox is nothing more and nothing less than a report of what is happening in the sandbox. In short, a meditation on the alchemy of the horizon and who we are –

A worm
Two-leaved snowdrop
Pliant trout

Maybe, moth
Entrapped in the eye
By less great thought

The Report from the sandbox is a sequence of gestures captured by the graceful charcoal, by the breath of the syllables; it is a sound thrown into wide arms of water; it is a case of devious fate; it is an attempt of dispute on the essence of the axis, about Kandinsky’s navel; it is a patience of paper, getting to the bottom of the mess, and prayer near sources in the morning. The Report from the sandbox is the fruit of love brought to life with the help of unusual instruments: a plastic spatula, bucket, and strainer. It is a carnival. It is a memory of sand and a trace of charcoal perpetrated
in the air –

The Report from the sandbox is a reflection of a life caught in flight by word, charcoal, water, and… completely innocent computer.

An event you have before your eyes is the result of close cooperation between two mutually intertwining worlds. It is the result of interpretations freed from roles. It is a game, hopscotch, as one of the great South American writers once brilliantly described. Childish play in the yard, sidewalk, school playground. It is also a creative collision of means of expression, different sensibilities, generational differences, latitudes, from which both participants Vasyl Savchenko and Aleksander Najda come out enriched with another focused, cautious, respectful mutual experience.

Yes! Experience! Taken primarily from the world of alchemy; laboratory of crucibles, bubbling preparations, rare metals, swallowing mercury, defiant gases. Isn’t each work of art ultimately a search for a philosophical stone, divina proportio, a tincture that relieves time and insomnia of question marks?

Aleksander Najda




Art prints were inspired by the poetry of Aleksander Najda. Every drawing has its poem. All silkscreens have editions of 10 prints, manually stamped and signed by the author of drawings. The paper is Munken Pure White 300 gsm


The exposition of the cycle took part in TuBaza space in Gdynia, Poland in 2019. It was rather meaningful, as an author of the poetries which inspired those drawings, originates from Poland. Exposition space was completed with monumental charcoal drawings, which emphasised the minimalistic approach and symbolism of the graphic works.
Silk screen project “Report from the sandboxwas supported by Foundation ~Morze and cultural art space TuBaza.