Book Design
SWEETEST PAIN  anthology of Ukraine erotic poetry

The design of this book “Sweetest Pain – anthology of Ukrainian erotic poetry”, was inspired by the interpenetration of classical guash sketching and painting with digital postproduction. As the book contents anthology of erotic poetry, it was important to show both passionate and fragile sides of the active love. The approach towards bodies was rather barbarous than vulgar and you can find different types of making love in there. When it comes to the structure, the book is divided into four parts, which delicately lead you from the romantic part to the brutal one, from the hand-painted visuals to the digitalized pictures. The making love is the moment when partners interconnect with each other in the closest way possible and I wanted to show my attitude towards it. The illustrations of this book also inspired the series of the etching print works from the cycle “Kamasutra“.

Autors of the poems:
Jaryna Antonenko, Vasyl Bobynski,
Bogdan Boychuk, Jaryna Burban,
Mykola Vingranovsky, Marko Vovchok,
Volodymyr Gdal, Volodymyr Germanov,
Jelizaveta Gorbachevska, Ivan Drach,
Uliana Dudok, Oksana Zabuzko,
Izdryk, Olena Karpenko,
Lana Kelman, Dmytro Kniazych,
Lina Kostenko, Dmytro Kremin,
Oksana Kuziv, Bogdan Lepkij,
Maks Lyzov, Volodymyr Luchuk,
Vasyl Marsuk, Vasyl Mahno,
Sergij Mysko, Dmytro Pavlychko,
Valerian Polishchuk, Maksym Rylski,
Myhail Semenko, Vasyl Stus,
Pavlo Tychyna, Taras Feduk.


Book design – Vasyl Savchenko
Poetry selection – Anastasiya Lysyuk
Hardcover book
Number of pages – 105
Size of the page – A5
Year of creation – 2017