Set Design

Set Design


and Highlanders

Krakowiacy i Górale

In 1791 it was really hot in Warsaw: moods were thickening, Kołłątaj signed the first constitution in Europe, and the public theater was born at the royal court. In this situation, in 1794, a joyful vaudeville with a moral, written by the father of the Polish theater Wojciech Bogusławski with the music of Jan Stefani, became the model for all future Polish operas. Although old contexts have wiped away, «Cracovians and Highlanders» in the contemporary interpretation apart from national themes also highlights the topic of the oppressiveness of culture towards women. Forbidden love, wedding rituals, the power of nature – these are just some of the images that the audience will follow, re-reading the well-known story. The premiere of «Cracovians and Highlanders» took place on 11 and 12 November 2017. The project was carried out as part of celebrating the 100th anniversary of Poland’s independence and take place in Wroclaw Opera. Also performing received the positive review from critics. 


Akt I

Akt II


Conductor – Adam Banaszak
Director – Barbara Waśniewska
Set design – Vasyl Savchenko, Barbara Waśniewska
Costumes – Mateusz Stęmpak
Lighting design – Grzegorz Barszczewski
Choreography, stage movement – Anatoliy Ivanov
Choirmaster – Anna Grabowska-Boris



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