My Curriculum Vitae

“Best Layout and Typesetting” Ukrainian Young Book Design Awards 2019

Curriculum Vitae of Vasyl Savchenko – more than just the life description.
The book «Moje curriculum Vitae» or «My Curriculum Vitae» was written by Vasyl Savchenko in 2017 – 2018 as part of his Master Degree project. The book describes a long way of artistic growth, which is always accompanied by cheerful events and downing moments of sadness. The book is divided into six chapters and the prologue, each of which is supported with picturesque and emotional illustrations, made by the author. Starting from the very childhood of an artist, a reader is carefully led through the years of experience and is engaged to meet different people, live in a couple of countries and still learn how it is to be deeply dedicated to an artistic creation. 
The book is covered in beautiful book jacket, printed on the 70-year-old paper from Warsaw with the image of tree bark, taken from original series of «Environmental print», executed in 2015. Underneath you can find a book and author name, printed on the coffee-colored paper. As you open the book, you plug into the world of diverse hand-painted illustrations, which represent different figures, events, and symbolical images, which make the narration even more picturesque and vibrant. Going through the pages, you can notice watercolor men and woman, ink-painted trees, scanned graphics works and photos of the drawings. Each book reversal contains one story from the life of an artist, giving to a reader a easy and comprehensible access to every chapter of the adventurous and colorful stories, taken from life.
Vital to notice, that the story is dedicated not to the artist’s ego, as in such decent age it would be unapologetic, but to the community and vibrant environment, which is the cradle for unique and sometimes extravagant personalities, who become the real characters of the book and influence author’s perception of the world. Written with warmth and humor, kindness and gratefulness to those people, noticed in this book, each page gives a reason for laughter, sometimes a bit of sadness, covered with bright belief in the happy end.

For now there are ten copies of this book, each of which hand-bided, and hopefully, more are about to come.


Anastasiya Lysyuk



Chapter FIRST
Introductions or my childhood and basics of upbringing 



Chapter SECOND
Perioof Trusza


Chapter THIRD
Academy in Lviv a new change finally


Chapter FOURTH
Decision Wroclaw

Chapter FIFTH
a year of change 2017-2018

Chapter SIXTH
For diploma